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Enhancing the use of scientific evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of medicines / Academy of Medical Sciences.
London, UK : Academy of the Medical Sciences, 2017, 114 p. (31-10-2017)
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données probantes
Diffusion de l'information
Documentation médicale
Éducation du patient

Résumé :

"Only about a third (37%) of the public trust evidence from medical research, compared to approximately two-thirds (65%) who trust the experiences of their friends and family, according to a report launched today.

The new report highlights the significant difficulties patients and some healthcare professionals face in using evidence from research to judge the benefits and harms of medicines, and calls for concerted action to improve the information patients receive.

The report was instigated following public debate around the benefits and harms of treatments such as statins, hormone replacement therapy and Tamiflu. It calls for a range of actions including significant improvements to patient information leaflets, better use of medical appointments and a bigger role for NHS Choices as the 'go to' source of trusted information online for patients and carers, as well as healthcare professionals." (Source : Academy of Medical Sciences)

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