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A guide to quality care from the perspectives of people living with dementia / National Early-Stage Advisory Group ; FAZIO, Sam ; MORENO, Monica ; SCHUBECK, Emily.
Chicago : Alzheimer's association, 2018, 18 p. (07-05-2018)
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: États-Unis

Mots-clés principaux
Qualité des soins et services
Personne atteinte
Qualité de vie

Mots-clés secondaires : Identité ; Maintien de l'autonomie ; Approche centrée sur la personne ; Formation du personnel ; Participation du malade

Résumé :

"This guide synthesizes the feedback received from survey respondents, as well as additional information obtained from individuals living with dementia throughout the 10 years of the Alzheimer's Association Early-Stage Initiative. From this feedback, the following themes emerged as ways to provide quality care to people living with Alzheimer's or other dementias:

»Encourage early detection and diagnosis.
»Share appropriate information and education.
»Get to know the person.
»Maximize independence.
»Practice patience and compassion.
»Personalize care to meet individual needs and preferences.
»Adjust care approaches to reflect day-to-day needs and abilities.
»Provide ongoing opportunities for engagement that have meaning and purpose.
»Ensure coordination among those who provide care.
»Train staff on the most current disease information and practice strategies.
»Inform and include the individual in new interventions as appropriate.
»Create a safe and supportive environment that reflects the person's characteristics, personality and preferences.

These themes are consistent with the preferences for individualization and autonomy expressed by individuals living with early-stage Alzheimer's or other dementias through survey responses and the Association's ongoing dialogue with this group."

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