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Urban Health Centres 2.0 (UHCE) : integrated health and social care pathways, early detection of frailty, management of polypharmacy and prevention of falls for active and healthy ageing in European cities : report with the synthesis of the results of the evaluation of the innovative UHCE for integrated care in 5 EU cities / Urban Health Centres Europe project.
Brussels : European Union, 2017, 75 p. (12-06-2018)
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: Europe, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain

Managed care
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Résumé :

"In this project, five European cities (Greater Manchester, United Kingdom; Pallini, Greece; Rijeka, Croatia; Rotterdam, the Netherlands;
and Valencia, Spain) have developed and implemented a care template that integrates health and social care and includes a population oriented, preventive approach. In UHCE, a general care template was adapted to the local context of the five cities. The main objective of the evaluation study was to evaluate the UHCE approach in a pre-post controlled design in terms of benefits for older persons (75 years and older) involved and process performance."

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