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Decision-making tool : supporting a restraint free environment in residential aged care
Canberra, Australia : Department of health and ageing, 2012, iv, 43 p. (05-09-2018)
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: Australia

Housing resources
Supported independent living

Mots-clés secondaires : Risk behavior ; Person-centred approaches

Résumé :

"A person-centred approach is a restraint free approach - a way of thinking that preserves the human rights of any person. All residents are entitled to respect and protection of their basic rights and freedoms, regardless of where they live. This entitlement includes all persons bearing a corresponding obligation to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of others.
The delivery of the best possible residential aged care services can be assured where staff receive the support of each other, and in turn receive support from their employing organisations.
With a restraint free approach, the use of any restraint must always be the last resort after exhausting all reasonable alternative management options.

The new tool kit comprises:

- a handbook, Supporting a Restraint Free Environment in Residential Aged Care,
- an A3 poster, Making a Decision Flow Chart - for display where staff can access them for care planning, and
- a second A3 poster, Making a Decision Flow Chart - for display where staff can access them for care planning, and
- a check list for use by care workers to assist in early identification of behaviour issues - for photocopying and distribution as required,
- a Relatives/Carers Information Leaflet - for photocopying and distribution as required."

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