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Health impact assessment as a tool for population health promotion and public policy:A report submitted to the Health Promotion Development Division of Health Canada / CHOMIK, Treena ; FRANKISH, C. James ; GREEN, Lawrence W. ; LARSEN, Craig ; RATNER, Pamela A. ; University of British Columbia. Institute of health promotion research ; Health Canada.
Vancouver : Inst. of health promotion research, University of British Columbia, 1996, VI, 71 feuillets.

Mots-clés principaux
Politique gouvernementale
Promotion de la santé
Outil d'évaluation

Mots-clés secondaires : Recension des écrits ; Recommandation

Résumé :

The report presents and describes:

. approaches developed for health impact assessment;
. approaches developed for similar purposes such as environmental impact assessment;
. specific tools and models used to link proposed programs and policies to their health impact;
. a description of health impact assessment as a means to develop public policy and to facilitate choices among program options;
. a situational analysis of the use of health impact assessment in the provinces and territories of Canada;
. selected Federal level experiences and examples of impact assessment;
. selected national level experiences and examples from other countries;
. selected municipal examples;
. common themes and observations; and
. recommendations and suggestions for future development.

The methods for this study included: (a) a comprehensive literature search, (b) an extensive call for information and case reports pertaining to, or related to, health impact assessment, and (c) the establishment of an advisory committee to provide information sources and to review the draft report.

Notes :
Bibliographie: p. 44-47

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