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Provincial - Territorial government hospital expenditure, by age and sex, Canada, 2002 / Canadian institute for health information. In National health expenditure trends 1975-2004.
Ottawa : CIHI, 2004, p. 26. (18-07-2005)
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Public health expenditures
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Source : Canadian institute of health information

Cited from : Canadian institute for health information. National health expenditure trends 1975-2004 [Online]. Ottawa : CIHI, 2004, p. 26. (Retrieved July 18, 2005).

Hospital expenditure for children under one year of age was approximately $1.78 billion in 2002, more than total expenditure for all children and teenagers from ages 1 to 19 ($1.5 billion). Hospital expenditure begins to increase steeply for females in the 15­19 age group, and continues to increase until it peaks in the 30­34 age group. Expenditure declines during the late 30s and early 40s, and then remains stable until the 60s. Expenditure for males increases slightly in the last five years of the teens, and then stays relatively stable until the 30s. Male expenditure is greater than female expenditure in the 50­54 age group, and in each subsequent five-year age group until age 75. Expenditure for males declines sharply after age 79, with expenditure for females higher than expenditure for males in each age group.

Persons 65 and over accounted for approximately 50% of provincial government hospital expenditure in Canada during 2002. Within this age group most was spent by 70 to 84 years old (31% of total). Children under one year old accounted for 6%.

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