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The four things that matter most : a book about living / BYOCK, Ira.
New York, Toronto : Free Press, 2004, viii, 227 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Quête de sens

Mots-clés secondaires : Deuil anticipé ; Fin de la vie ; Relations familiales ; Relations interpersonnelles ; Souffrance morale

Résumé :

With an emphasis on making all cherished relationshipsƒwith aging parents, grown and young children, a spouse or partner, relatives near and far, and close friendsƒcurrent and complete, THE FOUR THINGS THAT MATTER MOST illuminates the pragmatic healing potential of universal, everyday words. Through compelling real-life stories, culled from counselors who have embraced the "Four Things" in their practices as well as his own work with the terminally ill, Dr. Byock shows how to use expressions of forgiveness, gratitude, and affection as tools to repair the rifts that divide us and restore a sense of kinship, community, and humanity, while affirming our individual worth.

Langue : Français
Doc n° : 19513 ISBN / ISSN : 0743249097
NumRec : 1951303


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