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Prevention of falls and fall Injuries in the older adult / Registered nurses association of Ontario. Nursing best practices guidelines program.
Toronto : Registered nurses' Association of Ontario, 2005 (Rev.), , 56 p. (26-06-2006)
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Clinical practice guideline
Nursing care
Geriatric nursing care
Evidence based nursing
Health facility environment

Mots-clés secondaires : Definition ; Implementation ; Processes ; Reviews of literature ; Recommendations

Résumé :

Best practice guidelines (BPG) are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and clients decisions about appropriate health care (Field & Lohr, 1990).
The purpose of this guideline is to increase all nurses confidence, knowledge, skills and abilities in the identification of adults within health care facilities at risk of falling and to define interventions for the prevention of falling. It does not include interventions for prevention of falls and fall injuries in older adults living in community settings. The guideline has relevance to areas of clinical practice including acute care and long-term care, and will assist nurses to apply the best available research evidence to clinical decisions, and to promote the responsible use of health care resources. Specifically, Prevention of Falls and Fall Injuries in the Older Adult will assist nurses to:
- Identify risk factors for falls;
- Decrease the incidence of falls; and
- Decrease the incidence of injurious falls.
The guideline focuses on: Practice Recommendations for assisting practitioner and client decisions; Education Recommendations for supporting the skills required for nurses; and Organization and Policy Recommendations addressing the importance of a supportive practice environment as an enabling factor for providing high quality nursing care which includes ongoing evaluation of guideline implementation.

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