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Health care in Canada 2005 / ZELMER, Jennifer ; BINGHAM, Jack ; TRACEY, Jacinth ; GULA, Cheryl ; FINLAY, Patricia.
Ottawa : CIHI, 2005/06. (18-07-2005)
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Health care systems
British Colombia
Quebec (province)
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Yukon Territory
Northwest Territories
Service utilization

Mots-clés secondaires : Heart ; Public health expenditures ; Surgical operation ; Mortality ; International perspective ; User satisfaction

Résumé :

Consistently identified as a top issue for Canadians, access to care is a priority from coast to coast. What matters most differs between regions of the country and over time - sometimes the focus is on wait times for hip replacements, sometimes finding a family doctor is a priority - but the underlying challenge is shared. Reflecting this reality, Canada's first ministers put timely access to quality care for all at the top of their agenda in the recent Ten-Year Plan to Strengthen Health Care.

The goal of Health Care in Canada 2005 is to provide a window into today's $130 billion health system by highlighting what we know and don't know about access to care and other emerging issues. This year's report focuses on the relationship between surgical volumes and patient outcomes.

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    Monographie : Les soins de santé au Canada 2005 / ZELMER, Jennifer ; BINGHAM, Jack ; TRACEY, Jacinth ; GULA, Cheryl ; FINLAY, Patricia. -Ottawa : Institut canadien d'information sur la santé, 2005. - xiv, [95] p.
    ISBN 1553926196



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