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Promoting nutrition for older adult in-patients in NHS hospitals in Scotland / Scotland. National nursing, midwifery and health visiting advisory committee.
[s.l.] : Scottish Executive central research unit, 2002, 38 p. (20-07-2006)
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Dénutrition et malnutrition
Recommandation nutritionnelle
Normes et standards
Personne âgée fragile

Mots-clés secondaires : Audit ; Équipe multidisciplinaire ; Évaluation nutritionnelle ; Formation ; Menu

Résumé :

Under-nutrition in older adult acute and long-stay hospital in-patients is known to complicate illness, delay recovery and prolong hospital stay. It is also implicated in a higher rate of mortality. In this report, care has been taken not to duplicate work that has already been undertaken in this area. To this end, the Working Group has tried to identify examples where the Nursing Home Core Standards for Nutrition have been implemented in NHS hospitals in Scotland and thus provide a practical guide to staff charged with taking the Standards forward.
The report focuses on:
* pre-admission assessments and nutritional screening for patients 65 years and over;
* the importance of recognising symptoms of malnutrition;
* menu design;
* patient choice;
* the roles of healthcare professionals in maintaining nutritional standards; and
* training programmes.
Examples of practice developed by Trusts are included for reference.
Further work is indicated to develop an audit tool and to undertake a pilot study to evaluate the impact of volunteers and hostesses on nutrition care at ward level.

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