WM 105 J39 (available) - Monographie
Innovative strategies for promoting health and mental health across the life span / ed. JASON, Leonard A. ; ed. GLENWICK, David S..
New York : Springer, 2002, 366 p.

Preventive medicine
Health promotion
Mental health
Ethnic and cultural communities

Mots-clés secondaires : Community development ; Discrimination ; Chronic diseases ; Elderly ; Prevention ; AIDS

Résumé :

This volume richly illustrates the contributions of psychology and behavorial science to the prevention of mental and health problems across the life span. Each chapter summarizes the existing empirical literature on preventive interventions, presents the latest findings in the field, describes a case exemple, and offers suggestions for future directions. Topical coverage includes aging (...) and more.

Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 13467 ISBN / ISSN : 0-8261-4491-8
NumRec : 1346703


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