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New Zealand adults' health care system views and experiences, 2001 : findings from the Commonwealth fund 2001 international health policy survey / SCHOEN, Cathy ; et al.
New York : The Commonwealth Fund, 2002, 4 p. (05/02/2003)
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Health care systems

Résumé :

The survey findings for New Zealand indicate that patient cost-sharing for physician care and some other services create financial barriers to care for lower-income adults. Although New Zealanders gave doctors high ratings - with no differences in ratings by income - income disparities did emerge on several indicators of access related to costs. Respondents with above-average income were also more likely to have private insurance to supplement public benefits, thus facilitating access to care. In general, Maori adults stood out in terms of their rate of access difficulties, including those related to specialist
care and to care near where they lived.

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