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Raising the money : options, consequences and objections for financing health care in Canada / EVANS, Robert G..
[Saskatoon] : Commission on the future of health care in Canada, 2002, 51 p. (26-07-2006)
Collection : Discussion Paper ; 27
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Funding of the health systems

Mots-clés secondaires : Remuneration ; Private sector

Résumé :

Well-know health economist, Robert Evans, takes on the challenging topic of health care financing and writes "Public spending on Medicare is not absorbing an increasing share of either national income or public revenue; on the contrary in recent years its share has been falling. Claims that Canada must increase private financing because no more public money is available are simply false, portraying a political choice as an economic inevitability." .
This paper captures the hierarchy of:
- who pays (what share of total cost)?
- who gets (what health care, on what terms, when)?
- and who gets paid (how much, for what services)?

Notes :
Existe aussi en français sous le titre : "Lever les fonds : options, conséquences et objectifs pour le financement des soins de santé au Canada. Étude no. 27"

Language : Anglais
Book type : ET
Doc n° : 13082 ISBN / ISSN : 0-662-32791-8
NumRec : 1308203
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