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Seniors in Canada : a report card / Canada. National advisory council on aging.
Ottawa : NACA, 2001, 49 p. (16/05/2003)
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Health status

Résumé :

To evaluate how well Canadian seniors are doing, the Report Card reviews the answers to a series of questions that capture key
aspects of seniors' health and well-being:
- How healthy are seniors?
- How is the health care system serving seniors?
- How well are seniors faring economically?
- What are seniors' living conditions?
- How are seniors participating in society?
The indicators for each section are described, as well as their limitations. When the information can be interpreted, a summary evaluation is made of the situation, and a grade is given: A (Very Good), B (Good, with improvements needed), C (Satisfactory, with significant improvements needed) and D (Unsatisfactory).

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