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Active ageing : a policy framework / EDWARDS, Peggy.
Geneva : World Health Organization, 2004, 59 p. (22-07-2004)
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Mots-clés principaux
Vieillissement démographique
Perspective internationale
État de santé
Maintien de la santé
Vieillissement actif
Qualité de vie
Vieillissement réussi
Personne âgée
Politique de la santé

Résumé :

This paper is designed to address these questions and other concerns about population ageing. It targets government decision-makers at all levels, the nongovernmental sector and the private sector, all of whom are responsible for the formulation of policies and programmes on ageing. It approaches health from a broad perspective and acknowledges the fact that health can only be created and sustained through the participation of multiple sectors. It suggests that health providers and professionals must take a lead if we are to achieve the goal that healthy older persons remain a resource to their families, communities and economies, as stated in the WHO Brasilia Declaration on Ageing and Health in 1996.
- Part 1 describes the rapid worldwide growth of the population over age 60, especially in developing countries.
- Part 2 explores the concept and rationale for "active ageing" as a goal for policy and programme formulation.
- Part 3 summarizes the evidence about the factors that determine whether or not individuals and populations will enjoy a positive quality of life as they age.
- Part 4 discusses seven key challenges associated with an ageing population for governments, the nongovernmental, academic and private sectors.
- Part 5 provides a policy framework for active ageing and concrete suggestions for key policy proposals. These are intended to serve as a baseline for the development of more specifi c action steps at regional, national and local levels in keeping with the action plan adopted by the 2002 Second United Nations World Assembly on Ageing.

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