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Advancing integrated care for older people through EU [European Union] policy / TAMSMA, Nicoline.
Dublin : European Health Management Association, 2004, 26 p. (05-10-2004)
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Integrated services for elderly persons
union européenne
Health policies
Old age policies
Government policies

Résumé :

This publication focuses on ways for EU policy to contribute to the advancement of integrated health and social services for older people across the EU. The publication builds on the outcomes of the CARMEN project.1 As such, it is an attempt to inform EU policy by cross-national expertise generated through its own research and development programme. Its potential added value to the ongoing policy debates is grounded in the fact that CARMEN was concerned with the management of integration across sectors, professions and administrative boundaries. This has been a broad and pragmatic framework to analyse how different policy areas can mutually reinforce each other. Financially sustainable, good quality and accessible long-term care is a key challenge within the framework of the broader EU social policy agenda. At the same time, the consequences of the EU Internal Market are echoed in the mobility of patients and other healthcare developments. The recommendations are mainly concerned with these two policy areas.

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