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Policy framework for integrated care of the elderly / BANKS, Penny.
London, U.K. : King's Fund;Care and Management of Services for Older People in Europe Network, 2004, 26 p. (14-06-2006)
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Services intégrés pour personnes âgées
Politique gouvernementale

Résumé :

This policy framework offers a checklist for national and regional governments concerned with improving services to older people so that older people experience integrated care. The Care and Management of Services for Older People in Europe Network (CARMEN) has defined integrated care as 'a well planned and well organised set of services and care processes, targeted at the multiple needs/problems of an individual, or a category of persons with similar need/problems. Illustrations of different policies to address different dimensions of the framework are provided within the text.

This framework does not attempt to address all the policy measures related to living well in later years but focuses on the challenges of integrating services and care processes for older people with complex needs. However, the approaches that it promotes reinforce policies on active ageing, emphasising control by individual older people and the concept of interdependence, in which older people give as well as receive. This is particularly important as countries seek positive solutions to demographic changes and population ageing, and as members of the public increasingly expect to claim their rights to high quality services.

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