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A comprehensive guide to music therapy : theory, clinical practice, research and training / WIGRAM, Tony ; NYGAARD PEDERSEN, Inge ; OLE BONDE, Lars.
London : Jessica Kingsley, 2002, 384 p.

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Mots-clés secondaires : Développement humain ; Histoire ; Méthodologie ; Modèle ; Personne âgée ; Psychologie ; Théorie

Résumé :

Music therapists, as in medical and paramedical professions, have a rich diversity of approaches and methods, often developed with specific relevance to meet the needs of a certain client population. This book reflects the many components of such diversity, and is a thoroughly comprehensive guide to accessing and understanding the ideas, theory, research results and clinical outcomes that are the foundations of this field. Providing a detailed insight into the field of music therapy from an international perspective, this book enables the reader to see the complete picture of the multifaceted and fascinating world that is music therapy.


Foreword. Introduction. 1. Introduction to music therapy. 2. Theoretical foundations of music therapy - psychology of music; theory of therapy and psychotherapy; analytical, psychodynamic and transpersonal theories; music as analogy and metaphor. 3. Models and methods of music therapy - the Bonny model; the Priestley model; the Nordoff-Robbins model; the Alvin model; behavioural music therapy; physiological responses to music; music in medicine; music and healing. 4. Music therapy in clinical practice - music therapy with psychiatric clients; music therapy with physically and/or developmentally delayed clients; music therapy with paediatric clients; music therapy for children with communication disorders, by Ulla Holck; music therapy with older adults, by Hanne Mette Ochsner Ridder; music therapy as milieu therapy, social treatment and self-management; music therapy for self-development; international perspectives. 5. Music therapy research and clinical assessment - research in music therapy; development of a research training program; assessment and clinical evaluation; evidence based practice. 6. Music therapy training - the music therapy program at Aalborg university; entrance examinations; musical skills in music therapy; theoretical and analytical studies; experiential training in music therapy; clinical training and placements. 7. Professional and technical resources. 8. Glossary. Bibliography. of Music CD. of CD-ROM. Author biographies. Index.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 18663 ISBN / ISSN : 1843100835
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