W 50 B615 (available) - Monographie
Care of the aged / ed. HUMBER, James M. ; ed. ALMEDER, Robert F..
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2003, ix, 200 p.

Collection : Biomedical ethics reviews

Person in loss of autonomy
Éthical aspects

Mots-clés secondaires : Pain ; Incapable people ; Family relations ; Human respect

Résumé :

Enter the elderly woman as citizen: the implications of a feminist ethics of care / Sheila M. Neysmith -- Disrespecting our elders: attitudes ad practices of care(lessness) / Allyson Robichaud -- Hazards of decoupling respect from rights: the inclusion of elderly severely demented patients in "nontherapeutic" clinical trials / Jennifer Jackson -- Resolving ethical dilemmas in community-based care: a new set of principles / Susan McCarthy -- Care home ethics / Simon Woods and Max Elstein -- The ethics of pain management in older adults / Marshall B. Kapp -- Duties to aging parents / Claudia Mills -- Filial obligation, Kant's duty of beneficence, and need / Susan Clark Miller.

Illustrations : graph.
Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 18753 ISBN / ISSN : 1588292401
NumRec : 1875303


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