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Prevalence of disability among adults aged 15 years and over, by type of disability and age, Canada, 2001 / COSSETTE, Lucie ; DUCLOS, Édith. In A profile of disability in Canada, 2001.
Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2002, p. 18. (20-06-2005)
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Source : Statistics Canada. Participation and Activity Limitation Survey, 2001

Cited from : COSSETTE, Lucie ; DUCLOS, Édith. A profile of disability in Canada, 2001 [Online]. Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2002, p. 18. (Retrieved June 20, 2005).

According to the most widely held view, the prevalence of any form of disability rises increasingly with age. The PALS findings confirm that this is true for disabilities related to mobility, agility, hearing, vision and pain. For example, while fewer than 2% of young adults aged 15 to 24 have a mobility-related disability, the rate reaches 31.5% for persons aged
65 and over. This increase in prevalence with age is also observed, although to a lesser degree, for other problems more closely associated with aging, such as memory and speech problems.

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