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Seniors on the margins : aging with a developmental disability / Canada. National advisory council on aging.
Ottawa : NACA, 2004, 17 p. (09-11-2004)
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: Canada

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Personne âgée
Déficience intellectuelle
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As a result of progress achieved in medical science and health care, Canadians with developmental disabilities now have a life expectancy that extends beyond mid-life. Improvements in their health and life expectancy have coincided with a dramatic shift in public and professional attitudes toward them and in approaches to service delivery. Once regarded as patients who were entirely dependent upon custodial care provided in large institutional settings and who had few, if any choices or rights, persons with developmental disabilities are now considered full citizens entitled to receive a range of services of their choosing to maintain their quality of life and enjoy full inclusion in society. Despite these positive trends, older adults with a developmental disability are still an under-served and marginalized group. This document describes NACA's position on the situation of Canadians who are aging with a developmental disability. It identifies a number of gaps and challenges with respect to the unmet health care, social and financial problems that impact on their capacity to age well and provides recommendations for action in each of these areas.

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