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Understanding quality of life in old age / ed. WALKER, Alan.
Maidenhead, UK : Open University Press, 2005, xii, 209 p.

Collection : Growing older

Mots-clés principaux
Qualité de vie
Condition sociale
Recherche sur le vieillissement
Résultat de la recherche
Recherche sociale
Aspect psychosocial

Mots-clés secondaires : Activité de la vie domestique ; Bien-être ; Croyance ; Deuil ; Fragilité ; Identité ; Inégalité sociale ; Isolement social ; Lien social ; Participation sociale ; Rôle social ; Solitude

Résumé :

This book considers key findings from the Growing Older research programme and presents them in a lively thematic format. It discusses essential topics such as environment, family, bereavement, identity, and social interaction and describes key concepts and measures. Using data drawn from a range of different research projects, the book illustrates considerable methodological diversity to capture a broad picture of quality of life. Key implications for future research on quality of life in older age are also proposed.

Preface. Investigating Quality of Life in the Growing Older Programme.
Quality of Life: Meaning and Measurement. Dimensions of the Inequalities in Quality of Life in Older Age. Getting Out and About. Family and Economic Roles. Social Involvement: Aspects of Gender and Ethnicity. Social Isolation and Loneliness. Frailty, Identity and the Quality of Later Life. Identity, Meaning and Social Support. Elderly Bereaved Spouses: Issues of Belief, Well-being and Support. Conclusion: From Research to Action.
References. Index

Illustrations : graph.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 20729 ISBN / ISSN : 0335215238
NumRec : 2072903


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