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Encyclopedia of ageism / ed. PALMORE, Erdman B. ; ed. BRANCH, Laurence ; ed. HARRIS, Diana K..
New York : Haworth Press, 2005, xviii, 347 p.

Collection : Haworth pastoral press : religion and mental health

Mots-clés principaux
Représentation de la vieillesse

Mots-clés secondaires : Antivieillissement ; Attitude ; Maltraitance ; Norme sociale ; Opinion publique ; Relations intergénérationnelles ; Services et soins gérontologiques et gériatriques ; Valeurs

Résumé :

The Encyclopedia of Ageism is a comprehensive review of over 125 aspects of ageism, alphabetically arranged for easy access. Written by 60 experts, the book examines topics such as anti-aging, stereotypes, and the mediaƒwith numerous references for further information. You'll find an alphabetical list of the entries, a detailed index, and a list of the entries categorized by subject, to help you find what you need fast. This resource will increase your awareness about the many facets of ageism and provide you with a wealth of concepts, theories, and facts about ageism.

This important resource exposes the many faces of dehumanization through the elder neglect and prejudice that results from today's worldwide youth-oriented culture. The Encyclopedia of Ageism will help you recognize ageism when you encounter it and avoid it in your own thinking and actions. The book is a valuable guide for anyone working with older people and for older people themselves.

With the Encyclopedia of Ageism, you will be able to identify personal, cultural, and institutional sources of ageism, such as: age denial, age inequality/stratification, sexuality, scapegoating, abuse, the disengagement theory, and so much more!

This eye-opening reference shows how discrimination against elders can have consequences to the aged, the youth, the economy, and society as a whole. The Encyclopedia of Ageism promotes a future where the human rights of older persons are preserved and aging is considered a positive stage in the cycle of life. With this book, you will find strategies for reducing ageism, changing perceptions, and enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens andƒsomedayƒyourself.

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 20880 ISBN / ISSN : 078901890X
NumRec : 2088003


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