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Principles and practice of geriatric medicine. Volume 1 / ed. PATHY, M. S. John ; ed. SINCLAIR, Alan J. ; ed. MORLEY, John E..
Chichester, England : John Wiley & Sons, 2006 (4th ed.), , xxiv, 1033, lviii p.

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Mots-clés secondaires : Accident vasculaire cérébral ; Hémopathie ; Maladie cardiovasculaire ; Maladie du système nerveux central ; Maladie respiratoire ; Théorie biologique du vieillissement ; Théorie sociologique du vieillissement ; Trouble de la nutrition ; Trouble de l'alimentation ; Trouble gastro-intestinal ; Trouble respiratoire ; Vieillissement

Résumé :

1 Historical Perspectives Michael J. Denham.
Part I Human Aging: A Biological. Perspective.
2 A Biological Perspective on Aging Thomas B.L. Kirkwood.
3 Immunity and Aging Katsuiku Hirokawa, Masanori Utsuyama and Takashi Makinodan.
4 Physiology of Aging Rafi Kevorkian.
5 Aging of the Brain Charles Mobbs.
6 Psychological Aspects of Aging Peggy A. Szwabo.
7 Neurochemistry of Aging Alan M. Palmer and Paul T. Francis.
8 Neuropathology of Aging Seth Love.

Part II Human Aging: Social and Community Perspectives.
9 The Demography of Aging Kenneth G. Manton.
10 Social and Community Aspects of Aging Rodney M. Coe, John E. Morley and Nina Tumosa.
11 Sexuality and Aging John E. Morley.
12 Physical Fitness and Exercise Maria A. Fiatarone Singh.
13 Transportation, Driving, and Older Adults Desmond O'Neill and David Carr.
14 Smoking in the Elderly Norman J. Vetter.
15 Alcohol Use and Abuse Mary C. Dufour.
16 On the Evolution of All-cause and Cause-specific Mortality in the Age Class 75-84 years: a Worldwide Overview Hugo E. Kesteloot.
17 Elder Abuse Jed Rowe.
18 Smart Homes Roger D. Orpwood.

Part III Medicine in Old Age.
19 Preventive Geriatrics Joseph H. Flaherty and Antony J. Bayer.
20 Polypharmacy, is this Another Disease? Oscar A. Cepeda and John E. Morley.
21 The Problem-Orientated Approach to Geriatric MedicineCameron G. Swift.

Section 1 Eating Disorders and Nutritional Health.
22 Oral Health Janet E. Griffiths.
23 Oral Disease Donald Murray Walker.
24 Epidemiology of Nutrition and Aging Wija A. van Staveren and Lisette C.P.G.M de Groot.
25 Absorption of Nutrients Akeeb Adedokun.
26 The Anorexia of Aging Ian M. Chapman.
27 Weight Loss in Older Adults David R. Thomas and Bruno Vellas.
28 Dehydration Margaret-Mary G. Wilson.
29 Vitamins and Minerals in the Elderly Seema Joshi and John E. Morley.
30 Obesity in the Elderly Richard Y.T. Chen and Gary A. Wittert.

Section 2 Gastro Disorders.
31 Changes in Gastrointestinal Motor and Sensory Function Associated with Aging Christopher K. Rayner and Michael Horowitz.
32 Gastrointestinal Bleeding Syed H. Tariq.
33 Liver and Gall Bladder Margaret-Mary G. Wilson.
34 Sphincter Function Syed H. Tariq.
35 Constipation Charlene M. Prather.
36 Diseases of the Pancreas John S. Morris.

Section 3 Hematological Disorders.
37 Anemia in Older Persons David R. Thomas.
38 Disorders of Hemostasis Kingsley K. Hampton.
39 Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Kingsley K. Hampton.
40 Anticoagulants in the Elderly Hamsaraj G.M. Shetty and Philip A. Routledge.
41 Myelodysplasia Martha Wadleigh, David S. Rosenthal and Richard M. Stone.
42 Management of Leukemia in the Elderly Hussain Saba and Lodovico Balducci.

Section 4 Cardiovascular Disease and Health.
43 Epidemiology of Heart Disease Chris MacKnight and Colin Powell.
44 Cardiac Aging and Systemic Disorders David J. Stott and Arun K. Singh.
45 Arrhythmias in the Elderly A. John Camm and Laurence Nunn .
46 Ischemic Heart Disease in Elderly Persons Wilbert S. Aronow.
47 Valvular Disease in the Elderly Jeffrey S. Borer.
48 Hypertension Ramzi R. Hajjar.
49 Mechanisms of Heart Failure Michael P. Frenneaux and Lynne K. Williams.
50 Heart Failure in the Elderly Michael W. Rich.
51 Management of Acute Cardiac Emergencies and Cardiac Surgery Wilbert S. Aronow.
52 Cardiac Surgery in the Elderly Ulrich O. von Oppell and Adam Szafranek.
53 Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis Andrew C. Newby.
54 Peripheral Vascular Disease in Elderly Persons Wilbert S. Aronow.
55 Venous Thromboembolism Gordon D.O. Lowe.
56 Cardiac Cachexia Gerhard-Paul Diller and Stefan D. Anker.
57 Cardiac Rehabilitation in Older People Niccol`o Marchionni, Francesco Fattirolli, Lucio A. Rinaldi and Giulio Masotti.

Section 5 Respiratory Diseases.
58 Epidemiology of Respiratory Infection Joseph M. Mylotte.
59 The Effect of Aging on the Respiratory Skeletal Muscles Meme Wijesinghe and Lindsey Dow.
60 Aspiration Pneumonia Takashi Ohrui and Hidetada Sasaki.
61 Respiratory Disease in the Elderly Martin J. Connolly.
62 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Peter Spiegler and Jonathan S. Ilowite.
63 Sleep Disorders in Elderly People Paul Montgomery.

Section 6 CNS Disorders.
64 Neurological Signs of Aging Andrew J. Larner.
65 Headache in the Elderly Stephen D. Silberstein and William B. Young.
66 Parkinson's Disease and Parkinsonism in the Elderly Jeremy R. Playfer.
67 Non Parkinsonian Movement Disorders in the Elderly Katie Kompoliti and Cynthia L. Comella.
68 Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Dennis S. Oh and Peter McL. Black.
69 Epidemiology of Stroke Mitchell T. Wallin and John F. Kurtzke.
70 Management of Carotid Artery Stenosis Lucy J. Coward and Martin M. Brown.
71 Acute Stroke Peter Crome and Elliot F. Epstein.
72 Secondary Stroke Helen Rodgers.
73 Communication Disorders and Dysphagia Pamela M. Enderby.
74 Stroke Rehabilitation Lalit Kalra.
75 Clinical Psychology in Physical Rehabilitation Julie R. Wilcox and Janice Rees.
76 Epilepsy Pamela M. Crawford.
77 Syncope and Nonepileptic Attacks Richard C. Roberts.
78 Peripheral Neuropathy Bakri H. Elsheikh Mohamed and Miriam L. Freimer.
79 Disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction Ian K. Hart.
80 Sarcopenia and Sarcopenic-Obesity Richard N. Baumgartner and Debra L. Waters.
81 Muscle Disorders David Hilton-Jones.
82 Motor Neurone Disease Hardev S. Pall.
83 Abnormalities of the Autonomic Nervous System Kenneth J. Collins.
84 Control of Chronic Pain Robert D. Helme and Benny Katz.
85 Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis M.S. John Pathy.
86 Spinovascular Insufficiency M.S. John Pathy.
87 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Jan van Gijn and Gabriel J.E. Rinkel.
88 Acute and Chronic Subdural Hematoma Jonathan A. Vafidis.
Appendix: Conversion of SI Units to Standard Units.

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