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Principles and practice of geriatric medicine. Volume 2 / ed. PATHY, M. S. John ; ed. SINCLAIR, Alan J. ; ed. MORLEY, John E..
Chichester, England : John Wiley & Sons, 2006 (4th ed.), , xxiv, 2016, lviii p.

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Mots-clés secondaires : Cancer ; Déficit cognitif léger ; Démence ; Endocrinologie ; Évaluation fonctionnelle ; Incapacité ; Infection ; Maladie des organes génito-urinaires ; Maladie de l'os ; Maladie du métabolisme ; Maladie osseuse de Paget ; Ostéoporose ; Plaie de pression ; Réadaptation fonctionnelle ; Santé internationale ; Sens ; Syndrome de Down ; Trouble cognitif ; Trouble sensitif

Résumé :

Contents of Volume 2.

Section 7 Dementia and Cognitive Disorders.
89 Communication Disorders in Dementia Jennie A. Powell.
90 Delirium Joseph H. Flaherty.
91 Memory Clinics Antony J. Bayer.
92 Cellular Changes in Alzheimer's Disease Jean-Pierre Brion.
93 Clinical Aspects of Alzheimer's Disease Fatemeh Nourhash´emi, Alan J. Sinclair and Bruno Vellas.
94 Mild Cognitive Impairment Pieter Jelle Visser.
95 Vascular Dementia Ingmar Skoog.
96 Other Dementias Wee Shiong Lim and William A. Banks.
97 Treatment of Behavioral DisordersLadislav Volicer.
98 Geriatric Psychiatry Abhilash K. Desai and George T. Grossberg.
99 Organization of Services in Geriatric Psychiatry Susan M. Benbow and David Jolley.
100 Depression in Late Life: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment Natalie Sachs-Ericsson and Dan G. Blazer.
101 The Older Patient with Down's Syndrome John E. Morley.
102 Drug Misuse and the Older Person: A Contradiction in Terms? Ilana B. Crome.

Section 8 Special Senses.
103 Disorders of the Eye Nina Tumosa.
104 The Epidemiology of Hearing in Aging Population Adrian C. Davis and Padma Moorjani
105 Auditory System R. Gareth Williams.
106 Disorders of the Vestibular System Linda M. Luxon and Charlotte ° Agrup.
107 Smell and Taste Richard L. Doty

Section 9 Bone and Joint Health.
108 Age-related Changes in Calcium Homeostasis and Bone Loss Harvey James Armbrecht.
109 Paget's Disease of Bone Sanjay Sharma and Kenneth W. Lyles.
110 Epidemiology of Osteoporosis Horace M. Perry.
111 Osteoporosis and its Consequences: a Major Threat to the Quality of Life in the Elderly Ren´e Rizzoli.
112 Gait, Balance, and Falls Peter W. Overstall and Thorsten Nikolaus.
113 Foot Problems in the Elderly Arthur E. Helfand and Donald F. Jessett.
114 Hip Fracture and Orthogeriatrics Antony Johansen and Martyn Parker.
115 Diseases of the Joints Terry L. Moore.
116 Back Pain John V. Butler.

Section 10 Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.
117 Water and Electrolyte Balance in Health and Disease Allen I. Arieff.
118 Endocrinology of Aging John E. Morley and Moon J. Kim.
119 The Pituitary Gland James F. Lamb and John E. Morley.
120 Thyroid Disorders Rachel F. Oiknine and Arshag D. Mooradian.
121 Ovarian and Testicular Function Syed H. Tariq.
122 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Senior Citizens Alan J. Sinclair and Graydon S. Meneilly.

Section 11 Urogenital Disorders.
123 Gynecology and the Older Patient Radha Indusekhar, F. O'Mahony and P.M.S. O'Brien.
124 The Aging Bladder James M. Cummings and Kimberly C. Berni.
125 Prostate Diseases Timothy D. Moon and Jennifer L. Maskel.
126 Urinary Incontinence Margaret-Mary G. Wilson.
127 Renal Diseases Carlos G. Musso and Juan F. Mac´ias-N´unez.

Section 12 Cancer.
128 Cancer and Aging Claudia Beghe and Lodovico Balducci.
129 Oncological Emergencies and Urgencies Samuel Spence McCachren.
130 Breast Cancer in the Elderly R.E. Mansel and A. Srivastava.

Section 13 Functional Disorders and Rehabilitation.
131 Multidimensional Geriatric Assessment Laurence Z. Rubenstein and Andreas E. Stuck.
132 Function Assessment Scales Fredric D. Wolinsky.
133 Frailty John E. Morley.
134 Rehabilitation Paul M. Finucane and Philip J. Henschke.

Section 14 Special Issues.
135 Skin Disorders in the Elderly Daniel S. Loo, Mina Yaar and Barbara A. Gilchrest.
136 Pressure Ulceration Joseph E. Grey and Keith G. Harding.
137 Perioperative and Postoperative Medical Assessment D. Gwyn Seymour.
138 Anesthesia in Older People Suzanne Crowe.
139 Health Issues in the Aging Female Carolyn Philpot.
140 Antiaging Alfred L. Fisher.
141 Ethical Issues Maureen Junker-Kenny and Davis Coakley.
142 Restraints and Immobility Elizabeth A. Capezuti and Laura M. Wagner.
143 Centenarians Thomas T. Perls and Dellara F. Terry.

Section 15 Diagnostic Interventions.
144 Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology J. Richard Harding.

Section 16 Infectious Disorders.
145 Infectious Diseases Ann R. Falsey.
146 Tuberculosis Shobita Rajagopalan and Thomas T. Yoshikawa.
147 Infective Endocarditis in the Elderly Philippe Moreillon, Alain Bizzini and Yok Ai Que.
148 Infections of the Central Nervous System Michael Blank and Allan R. Tunkel.

Part IV Health Care Systems.
149 Geriatric Medicine Education in Europe Antonio Cherubini, Philippe Huber and Jean-Pierre Michel.
150 Education in Geriatric Medicine in the United Kingdom Robert W. Stout.
151 The Contribution of Family Doctors to the Primary Care of Older People: Lessons from the British Experience Steve Iliffe.
152 Carers and the Role of the Family Jo Moriarty.
153 Nursing Home Care David R. Thomas and John E. Morley.
154 Clinical Audit of Health Care Jonathan M. Potter and Michael G. Pearson.
155 Improving Quality of Care Julie K. Gammack and Carolyn D. Philpot.
156 Resident Assessment Instrument/ Minimum Data Set Brant E. Fries, Catherine Hawes, John N. Morris and Roberto Bernabei.
157 Nursing (UK) Nicky Hayes.
158 Geriatric Occupational Therapy: Focus on Participation in Meaningful Daily Living Karen F. Barney.
159 Systems of Health Care: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia Julie K. Gammack, Gideon A. Caplan and Krishnendu Ghosh.
160 Geriatric Day Hospitals Neil D. Gillespie and Irene D. Turpie.
161 Health and Care for Older People in the United Kingdom Clive Bowman and Catherine Dixon.
162 Geriatrics in the United States John E. Morley and Julie K. Gammack.
163 Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan Yuko Suda and Ryutaro Takahashi.
164 Care of the Elderly in Israel: Old Age in a Young Land A. Mark Clarfield, Jenny Brodsky and Arthur Leibovitz.
165 Geriatric Medicine in China Leung-Wing Chu.
166 Aging in Developing Countries Luis M. Gutierrez-Robledo.
167 Geriatrics from the European Union Perspective Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft and Paul V. Knight.
168 Delivery of Health Care in India Om Prakash Sharma.
169 Geriatrics in Latin America Fernando Morales-Martinez and Martha Pelaez.
170 Management of the Dying Patient Ilora G. Finlay and Saskie Dorman.
Appendix: Conversion of SI Units to Standard Units.

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