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Measures for clinical practice : a sourcebook. Volume 1, Couples, families and children / CORCORAN, Kevin ; FISCHER, Joel.
New York ; Toronto : Free Press, 2000 (3rd ed.), , lv, 644 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Outil d'évaluation
Évaluation psychologique
Évaluation psychique
Évaluation psychosociale

Mots-clés secondaires : Couple ; Enfant ; Famille ; Relation de couple ; Relations familiales

Résumé :

For more than twelve years, through two highly acclaimed editions and now in an updated and expanded third edition, Kevin Corcoran and Joel Fischer's standard reference, Measures for Clinical Practice, has enabled professionals to gather this vital information easily and effectively. In Measures for Clinical Practice, Volume 1: Couples, Families, and Children, and Volume 2: Adults, Corcoran and Fischer provide an extensive collection of more than 400 "rapid assessment instruments" (RAIs), including many questionnaires and scales, which assess virtually any problem commonly encountered in clinical practice. Corcoran and Fischer have revised this edition to reflect new research and contemporary clinical practices. They include new scales and materials in areas such as assessment in culturally diverse populations and measurement in managed care systems, as well as the best instruments updated from the previous editions.

Brief and easy to administer, these "best practice measures" will be useful for all types of therapeutic and theoretical orientations. All instruments are actually reprinted in the book, and are carefully introduced and evaluated to aid in their selection. Corcoran and Fischer explain the principles of measurement and how to apply them in practice. They explore the range of assessment techniques available, including behavioral observations, rating scales, and client logs, as well as unobtrusive, electromechanical, and standardized measures. And after examining the advantages and disadvantages of rapid assessment instruments, they show practitioners how to effectively select and administer these measures as part of the treatment process.

On trouvera dans cet ouvrage de référence entre autres les échelles suivantes:
Attitude toward the provision of long-term care
Beck codependence assessment scale
Family beliefs inventory
Family coping index
Family coping inventory
Family crisis oriented personal evaluation scale
Family distress index
Memory and behavior problems checklist

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 21873 ISBN / ISSN : 0684848309
NumRec : 2187303
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