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Taylor's 10-minute diagnosis manual : symptoms and signs in the time-limited encounter / ed. PAULMAN, Paul M. ; ed. PAULMAN, Audrey A. ; ed. HARRISON, Jeffrey D..
Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006 (2nd ed.), , xxix, 428 p.

Collection : Spiral Manual

Clinical examination
Physical examination
Psychic assessment
General practice

Mots-clés secondaires : Ataxia ; Coma ; Delirium ; Dementia ; Depression ; Skin diseases ; Dyskinesia ; Endocrine diseases ; Psychic assessment ; Hematology ; Medical imaging ; Immunology ; Hematology laboratories ; Lymphatic diseases ; Muscular diseases ; Vascular diseases ; Osteopenia ; Polymyalgia rheumatica ; Suicide ; Hearing disorders ; Vision disorders ; Gastrointestinal disorders ; Mental disorders ; Micturation disorders ; Respiration disorders

Résumé :

This quick-reference pocket book is written for primary care practitioners who face diagnostic problems in brief office visits. It offers evidence-based guidelines on which key questions to ask and what data to obtain in order to provide sound diagnoses of common adult problems. More than 140 chapters in eighteen sections cover mental health problems, symptoms and signs in each organ system, laboratory abnormalities, and radiologic abnormalities. This edition has been thoroughly updated by new editors. New chapters cover corneal foreign body, hematuria, brain natriuretic peptide in congestive heart failure, and D-dimer. The format includes more quick-scanning bullets and tables.

Language : Anglais
Book type : IND
Doc n° : 22120 ISBN / ISSN : 9780781769440
NumRec : 2212003


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