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Higher-order motor disorders : from neuroanatomy and neurobiology to clinical neurology / ed. FREUND, Hans-Joachim ; et al.
Oxford, UK, Toronto : Oxford University Press, 2005, xviii, 507 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Cortex cérébral
Système nerveux

Mots-clés secondaires : Apraxie ; Attention ; Cervelet ; Éducation gestuelle ; Latéralité ; Lobe frontal ; Lobe pariétal ; Mouvement ; Préhension ; Réadaptation ; Somatognosie ; Système nerveux somatique ; Tic ; Trouble de la parole et du langage ; Trouble de la marche et de l'équilibre

Résumé :

This is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of higher-order motor disorders. It introduces new concepts emerging from basic neurosciences and shows how they have impacted on the field of cognitive motor control and led to new vistas for the understanding of Higher-order Motor Disorders far beyond the traditional field of topological diagnosis. It describes in detail a wide range of clinical disorders including those of bimanual co-ordination, apraxia and sensorimotor
transformation deficits, motor neglect, anarchic hand syndrome, imitation and utilisation behaviours, action motivational and action monitoring disorders, as well as new approaches to motor cortex plasticity and reorganisation and rehabilitation of complex movement problems. The book reviews the topic, starting with a description of the neuroanatomical, neurobiological and cognitive basis of normal motor behaviours, before moving on to cover the clinical features of the disordered states. The
final chapters cover the issues of plasticity and recovery, pharmacological treatments and rehabilitation.
This volume will stimulate research and foster new insights into cognitive and motivational motor disorders. With expert contributions from the major international centres in Europe and the Americas his book gives a truly new framework for a complex and confusing field.

Table of contents/ Table des matières :

Part I: Neuroanatomical, Neurobiological and Cognitive Basis
1 Functional neuroanatomy of the human motor cortex / Stefan Geyer and Karl Zilles
2 Parallel parietofrontal circuits for sensorimotor transformation / Roberto Caminiti, Stefano Ferraina, Alexandra Battaglia-Meyer, Massimo Mascaro, and Yves Burnod
3 The planning and control of reaching and grasping movements / M. Desmurget, F. Baraduc, and E. Guigon
4 The premotor cortex: from attention to intention / Dris Boussaoud
5 Linking perception and action: an ideomotor approach / Günther Knoblich and Wolfgang Prinz
6 Cerebellar motor and cognitive functions / Jeremy D. Schmahmann
7 Motor learning / Mark Hallett
8 The mirror-neuron system and action recognition / Giacomo Rizzolatti and Luciano Fadiga
9 Levels of representation of goal-directed actions / Marc Jeannerod
Part II: Clinical studies of higher-order motor disorders
10 Corticospinal deficits / J. Noth and C. Fromm
11 Bimanual coordination and its disorders / Mario Wiesendanger and Deborah Serrien
12 Higher-order disorders of gait / John G. Nutt
13 Speech motor control and its disorders / Ray D. Kent
14 Disorders of body schema / P. Haggard and D. M. Wolpert
15 Motor aspects of unilateral neglect and related disorders / Gereon R. Fink and John C. Marshall
16 Anarchic hand / Sergio Della Sala and Clelia Marchetti
17 Apraxias as traditionally defined / Ramón Leiguarda
18 Unimodal sensory-motor transformation disorders / Hans-Joachim Freund
19 Action recognition disorders following parietal damage / Elena Daprati and Angela Sirigu
20 From the grasping reflex to the environmental dependency syndrome / Bernard Pillon and Bruno Dubois
21 Tics and stereotypes / Joseph Jankovic
22 Psychogenic motor disorders / Tamara Pringsheim, Robert Chen, and Anthony Lang
23 Frontostriatal circuits and disorders of goal-directed actions / Facundo Manes and Ramón Leiguarda
24 Delusions of control: a disorder of forward models of the motor system / Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
25 Cortical plasticity and motor disorders / Pablo Celnik and Leonardo Cohen
26 Perspectives in higher-order motor deficit rehabilitation: Which approach for which ecological result? / Yves Rossetti, Gilles Rode, Georg Goldenberg

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 22737 ISBN / ISSN : 9780198525769
NumRec : 2273703


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