WT 104 S528p (available) - Monographie
Putting your best foot forward : preventing and managing falls in aged care facilities / SHANLEY, Chris.
Concord, Australia : Centre for education and research on ageing, 1998, [85] p.

Health facility environment
Residential and long-term care centers
Housing resources

Mots-clés secondaires : Assistive devices ; Patient education ; Health education ; Risk factors ; Clinical practice guideline ; Nursing care plans

Résumé :

A comprehensive falls prevention manual for use in aged care facilities. The 75 page manual aims to prevent falls occurring and to reduce the injury from falls which do occur. The manual includes: a framework for assessing risk of falling and developing care plans for residents; practical guidelines on use of walking aids, promoting activity, restraints, footwear and clothing, medication use; an environmental audit form; guidelines for dealing with falls; a package for general practitioners associated with the facility; in-service lesson plans; and information for residents and relatives.

Language : Anglais
Doc n° : 22767 ISBN / ISSN : 0958662320
NumRec : 2276703


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