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How to be a great care assistant : your guide to completing the Skills for care common induction standards and much more... / ed. HAWKINS, Richard ; ed. ASHURST, Adrian.
London : Hawker Publications, 2006, 264 p.

Collection : Caring Times

Health care facility personnel
Reference standards
Nursing care

Mots-clés secondaires : Anatomy ; Falls ; Non-verbal communication ; Communication ; Confidentiality ; Dementia ; Medical records ; Vocational training ; Incendie ; Urinary incontinence ; Nosocomial infections ; Elder abuse ; Handling of patients ; Drugs ; Job environment ; Biological death ; Neglect ; Administrative policies ; Prevention ; Professional-patient relations ; Employment relations ; Meals ; Occupational health and safety ; Security ; Emergency care ; Night work ; Values ; Normal aging

Résumé :

This book is for (health)care assistants, support workers and care workers who have joined a care home and need to complete the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards. It provides a total package :
- part 1 : standard-by standard information needed to complete each of the 70 standards
- part 2 : plenty of practical advice to help the care assistant with everyday care
- basic anatomy
- important people, organisations and websites in long term care
- personal record forms, to be signed by the manager when each of the standards has been completed.

This book encourage its owner/reader to take an active role in their learning. It has lots of real-life situations and challenges for the reader to think about, planned spaces for writing notes, ring-binding to allow the book to lie flat and personal records sheets for completion. It also offers passionate encouragement from Hilary Woodhead who found she love being a care assistant and went to be a "great care assistant".

Illustrations : ill.
Language : Anglais
Doc n° : 23259 ISBN / ISSN : 9781874790792
NumRec : 2325903


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