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Clinical manual of geriatric psychopharmacology / JACOBSON, Sandra A. ; PIES, Ronald W. ; KATZ, Ira.
Washington, DC : American psychiatric publishing, 2007, 821 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Approche clinique

Mots-clés secondaires : Abus médicamenteux ; Alcool ; Analgésique et antipyrétique ; Antidépresseur ; Antidépresseur ; Antipsychotique ; Anxiolytique, hypnotique et sédatif ; Approche clinique ; Approche non pharmacologique ; Démence ; Dyskinésie ; Interaction ; Interaction médicament-médicament ; Nicotine ; Pharmacocinétique ; Pharmacodynamie ; Thymorégulateur ; Toxicologie ; Trouble cognitif

Résumé :

Practice in the geriatric population presents a unique challenge, as this population is more heterogeneous, more affected by changing pharmacokinetics as a function of aging, more likely to involve subclinical syndromes, and more frequently concerned with drug interactions than in general psychopharmacology.

This book integrates evidence relating to geriatric psychiatry and pharmacology with specific prescribing details to guide practice. Written by three experienced geriatric psychopharmacologists, this volume covers not only basic pharmacology and major classes of pyschotropics but also controversial topics, such as the changing use of antipsychotic medications in elderly patients with dementia. It includes specific details on initiation and titration of medications, consensus treatment guidelines, reproductions of diagnostic scales, algorithms for workup and management of clinical problem, figure illustrating drug mechanisms, and links to websites relating to drug interactions, patient education information, and other topics.

This book is a valuable reference texte and learning tool for psychiatrists, geriatricians, internists, family practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practioner, fellows, residents and students.

Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 23650 ISBN / ISSN : 1585622524
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