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Neuropsychology for occupational therapists : cognition in occupational performance / GRIEVE, June ; GNANASEKARAN, Linda.
Oxford, United Kingdom : Blackwell, 2008 (3rd ed.), , xi, 235 p.

Lieux géographiques :

Mots-clés principaux :
Fonction cognitive
Trouble cognitif
Réadaptation fonctionnelle

Mots-clés secondaires : Agnosie ; Agnosie spatiale ; Agnosie visuelle ; Amnésie ; Approche thérapeutique ; Apraxie ; Attention ; Cerveau ; Classification internationale des fonctionnalités et incapacités ; Concentration ; Déficit cognitif léger ; Déficit de l'attention ; Étude de cas ; Fonction exécutive ; Hémisphères cérébraux ; Intervention ; Mémoire ; Mémoire à long terme ; Modèle ; Mouvement ; Négligence (agnosie) ; Objectif ; Orientation spatiale ; Perception ; Réadaptation ; Routinisation ; Vision (sens)

Résumé :
The third edition of this successful textbook is written primarily for undergraduate students of occupational therapy, and for practitioners working in the field of cognitive rehabilitation. Those in other health and related professions, who work in the field of brain injury, will gain an understanding of how cognition and its impairment can affect behaviour. The content of the second edition has been expanded and updated to reflect advances in neuropsychology, and to incorporate an evidence based consideration of occupational therapy practice.

In Part 1, theoretical frameworks are introduced and guide an analysis of the relationship between cognition and occupational performance. The occupational therapy process is applied to cognitive rehabilitation, with a consideration of treatment approaches and methods of assessment and intervention.

Part 2 outlines the theoretical background to cognitive function together with the effects of brain injury. Chapter by chapter, each of the major elements of cognition is presented, together with the impairments that may arise from brain injury. This combined approach to the study of cognition is supported by case studies. Suggestions for assessment and intervention are provided, relating back to the occupational therapy process described in Part-1.

Written in a clear and user-friendly style, this book provides a basic guide to normal cognition. The impact of cognitive impairments upon everyday living is explored and guidance is given upon the planning and implementation of rehabilitation to optimise occupational performance.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 23683 ISBN / ISSN : 9781405136990
NumRec : 2368303


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