R-HCN-143 (disponible) - Monographie
Cognitive approaches to neuropsychology / WILLIAMS, J. Michael ; LONG, Charles J..
Plenum Press, 1988, xii, 361 p.

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Fonction cognitive
Congrès, conférence, colloque, symposium

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Four computational models for investigating neuropsychological decision-making / Debra L. Long, Arthur C. Graesser and Charles J. Long -- Acalculia : multiplication fact retrieval in normal and impaired subjects / Helen J. Kahn -- Attentional imbalances following head injury / Jennifer Sandson ... [et al.] -- Toward a cognitive neuropsychology of complex learning / Jill Booker and Daniel L. Schacter -- Aging and spatial cognition : current status and new directions for experimental researchers and cognitive neuropsychologists / Kathleen C. Kirasic -- An integrated approach to the neuropsychological assessment of cognitive function / Robert L. Mapou -- Everyday cognition and the ecological validity of intellectual and neuropsychological tests / J. Michael Williams -- Psychometric confirmation of neuropsychological theory / Kurt A. Moehle, Jeffrey L. Rasmussen and Kathleen B. Fitzhugh-Bell -- The role of motivation in rehabilitation / Murry G. Mutchnick -- Brain imaging : positron emission tomography and cognitive functioning / Randolph W. Parks, David A. Loewenstein and Jen Y. Chang. (Cont.) Child neuropsychology and cognitive developmental theory / Sam B. Morgan -- Neuropsychological aspects of simultaneous and successive cognitive processes / Seija A¨ysto¨ -- Familial sinistrality and syntactic processing / Wayne Cowart -- Adult cognition : neuropsychological evidence and developmental models / Susan Kotler-Cope, Fredda Blanchard-Fields, and Wm. Drew Gouvier -- Preserved cognitive functions in dementia / William W. Beatty -- A preliminary neuro-cognitive model of tactuo-spatial motor learning / Robert L. Pusakulich, Geri R. Alvis and Jeannette P. Ward -- The neuropsychology of autobiographical memory / Walter F. Daniel.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Type d'ouvrage AQESSS : MONO
Doc n° : 24219 ISBN / ISSN : 030643024X
NumRec : 2421903


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