R-CRM-416 (disponible) - Monographie
Agnosia and apraxia : selected papers of Liepmann, Lange, and Pötzl / BROWN, Jason W..
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1988, ix, 329 p.

Collection : Institute for research in behavioral neuroscience

Mots-clés principaux

Résumé :

Apraxia / H. Liepmann --
Agnosia and apraxia / J. Lange --
Bibliographical note on Otto Po?tzl / J. Luwisch --
Aanatomical findings in a case of time acceleration / H. Hoff and O. Po?tzl --
Transformations between body image and external world / H. Hoff and O. Po?tzl --
"Inverted vision" resulting from injury : contribution to cerebrally caused visual disorders / T. Luers and O. Po?tzl --
Pathophysiology of the Uncus-syndrome and the dreamlike aura / O. Po?tzl --
Palinopsia (and its relationship to the specific performance of occipital cortical fields) / O. Po?tzl --
Disorders of depth perception in cerebral metamorphopsia / H. Hoff and O. Po?tzl.

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 28393 ISBN / ISSN : 080580286X
NumRec : 5932703


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