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A psycho-educational intervention focused on communication for caregivers of a family member in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease: Results of an experimental study / KLODNICKA KOURI, Krystyna ; Ducharme, Francine ; GIROUX , Francine.
Dementia : The international journal of social research and practice, 2011, vol. 10 (3), p. 435-453. (21-11-2011)

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: Québec (province), Canada

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Maladie d'Alzheimer
Proche aidant

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A psycho-educational intervention focused on communication was conceived for caregivers of family members in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease (i.e., persons with dementia), and tested on five proximal outcome variables: caregiver knowledge, perceptions of communication difficulties and degree of perceived disturbance related to these difficulties, self-efficacy and skills. Guided by a theoretical framework that encompassed geragogy, the McGill model of nursing and self-efficacy theory, the intervention was evaluated via an experimental design with pre-post tests. Fifty family caregivers were randomly assigned to an experimental group (intervention program), or to a control group (information flier on communication and memory). Statistically significant effects were found on four dependent variables: caregiver knowledge, degree of disturbance related to communication difficulties, self-efficacy and skills. No significant effects were observed in regard to the perceived presence of communication difficulties. This communication program serves as a useful tool to prepare caregivers for their new role.

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