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Ensuring a society of all ages : from policy declaration to action : promoting the implementation of the outcome of the UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing, Vienna 2012 / United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe. Ministerial Conference on Ageing (3rd : 2012 : Vienna).
Geneva : United Nations. Economic commission for Europe, 2013, 30 p. (01-05-2014)
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: Europe

Demographic aging
Government policies
Health and welfare planning

Mots-clés secondaires : Older workers ; Social participation ; Social integration ; Dignity ; Health ; Human respect ; Intergenerational relations

Résumé :

The principal goal of the conference has been to evaluate implementation of MIPAA/RIS in the five years since the León Conference, asking how much progress has been made, where there is still room for improvement, and how to approach the challenges that still remain. Active ageing and in particular the participation of older persons in society have been at the heart of the ministerial segment of the conference, which seeked to set priorities for the coming five years for improving the quality of life of people of all ages. Experts and ministerial panels tackled pressing policy questions such as how best to promote the participation of older persons in the labour market and societal activities, as well as means of creating enabling environments for healthy and independent ageing.

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