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Getting out and about / SCRUTTON, Jonathan.
London : International longevity Center-UK, 2014, 9 p. (10-07-2014)
Collection : Community Matters
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'Getting out and about' is one of a series of three briefings from an ILC-UK and Age UK seminar series exploring how communities need to adapt to an ageing society. This briefings summarise some of the evidence on the topics discussed during the seminars and support a final report, to be launched late May 2014.

Getting out and about is of vital importance if older people are to remain healthy, happy and active members of the communities they live in. Getting outdoors benefits older people socially, by allowing them to visit friends and interact with members of the community, and practically, by allowing them to access local amenities and services. These activities also help older people to become more integrated into their local community. Despite these benefits, research has shown that as older people age they make fewer trips outside of their home.

This briefing explores the different physical and emotional barriers affecting older people's ability to leave their house and engage with the community, with a focus on three key areas- transport, the local environment and fear of crime.

This briefing was prepared by Jonathan Scrutton

The other briefings in this series are available to download:
At home
Ensuring communities offer what older people want

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