WN 185 H888f (disponible) - Monographie
Functional magnetic resonance imaging / HUETTEL, Scott A. ; SONG, Allen W. ; MCCARTHY, Gregory.
Sunderland, MA : Sinauer Associates, Inc., 2014 (3rd ed.), , env. 610 p. (pag. multiple).

Mots-clés principaux
IRM fonctionnelle
Résonance magnétique
Imagerie cérébrale

Mots-clés secondaires : agent de contraste ; Système nerveux ; Circulation sanguine ; Neurone ; Hémodynamique ; Méthodologie ; Approche de recherche ; Analyse ; Statistiques ; Cerveau ; Éthique de la recherche

Résumé :

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging was the first textbook to provide a true introduction to fMRIƒone that presented material authoritatively and comprehensively, yet was accessible to undergraduate students, graduate students, and beginning researchers. This Third Edition features an updated discussion of the physiological basis of fMRI that includes recent discoveries about the origins of the BOLD response, new data-driven and computational approaches to fMRI data analysis, explanations of creative approaches to experimental design, and discussions of ethical and methodological controversies, among many other revisions. Examples are drawn both from seminal historical work and cutting-edge current research. Concepts are reinforced by numerous thought problems and illustrated with full-color figures, all revised for this edition to achieve a contemporary graphic look. Each chapter is accompanied by updated references and suggested readings.

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Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 31619 ISBN / ISSN : 9780878936274
NumRec : 6871503


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