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Guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of delirium in older people in hospital / Clinical Practice and Evaluation Committee ; Policy Committee.
London, UK : British Geriatrics Society, 2006 (Clinical Practice and Evaluation Committee and the Policy Committee ), , 18 p. (14-07-2016)
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Centre hospitalier
Adaptation des services

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Résumé :

Summary of Guidelines to prevent and treat delirium in hospital

Step 1:
Identify all older patients (over 65 years) with cognitive impairment using the AMT or MMSE on admission

Step 2:
Consider Delirium in all patients with cognitive impairment and at high risk (severe illness, dementia, fracture neck of femur, visual and hearing impairment). Use the CAM screening instrument.

Step 3:
Identify the cause of delirium if present from the history, examination and investigations, and treat underlying cause or causes - commonly drugs or drug withdrawal, infection, electrolyte disturbance, dehydration or constipation.

Step 4:
In patients with delirium and patients at high risk of delirium:-

*provide environmental and personal orientation ensure continuity of care
*encourage mobility
*reduce medication but ensure adequate analgesia
*ensure hearing aids and spectacles are available and in good working order
*avoid constipation
*maintain a good sleep pattern
*maintain good fluid intake
*involve relatives and carers (carers leaflet)
*avoid complications (immobility, malnutrition, pressure sores, oversedation, falls, incontinence)
*liaise with Old Age Psychiatry Service

Do not
*use restraint
*sedate routinely
*argue with the patient

Step 5:
Ensure a safe discharge and consider follow up with Old Age Psychiatry Team. Provide family/carer education and support

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