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The benefits of making a contribution to your community in later life / Jones, Dan ; Young, Aideen ; REEDER, Neil.
[S.l.] : Centre for Ageing Better, 2016, 28 p. (07-02-2017)
Collection : Evidence briefing
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Participation sociale

Résumé :

In this report, Ageing Better found that people aged 50 with fewer social connections, lower levels of income and education, and poorer health may have the most to gain from helping others.

However, the people who are most likely to volunteer are those who are already relatively wealthy, in good physical and mental health, and with high levels of wellbeing and social connections.

People who could benefit most from developing new friends and increasing their sense of purpose and satisfaction in later life are losing out, because they are less likely to get involved.
(source : HousingLin)

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