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Sensory enrichment through textiles for people living with dementia / JAKOB, Anke ; COLLIER, Lesley. In Proceedings of Intersections: Collaborations in Textile Design Research Conference, 13 September 2017.
Loughborough, UK : Loughborough University, 2017, 11 p. (16-04-2018)
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The paper discusses the role of textiles in facilitating sensory enriched environments and meaningful activities for people living with dementia.
It is based on recent interdisciplinary research, a collaboration between design and healthcare, investigating the provision of multi-sensory experience for people with dementia living in care-homes, particularly the quality and design of Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs).
Results from an ethnographic study conducted in 16 UK care-homes revealed that set-up and design of existing MSEs were often not appropriate and suitable for older people, and facilitation of multi-sensory activities by staff waspoor. The absence of textiles and its appropriate use was noticeable, although the multi-sensory qualities intrinsic to textiles offer many benefits. Based on these findings, design criteria improving usability and accessibility for older people with dementia were established and user-centred design recommendations developed, including the use of textiles as an essential aspect.

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