WT 104.3 E37 (available) - Monographie
The elderly at risk. Papers presented at the European congress on geriatric treatment organized by the Italia group for studies of geriatric therapy, Catania / MOTTA, Luciano ; ZS.-NAGY, Imre.
Amsterdam : Elsevier Science Pub., 1991, 608 p. ill.

Collection : Archives of Gerontololy and Geriatrics ; supp. 2

Colloquiums, conferences, congresses, symposiums
Frail elderly
Normal aging

Mots-clés secondaires : Diabetes ; Neurogeriatrics ; Osteoporosis ; Pathology
Language : Anglais
Book type : MONO
Doc n° : 1401
NumRec : 140103 ID number : M0000464


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