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Reducing stress-related behaviours in people with dementia : care-based therapy / BONNER, Chris.
London : Jessica Kingsley, 2005, 92 p.

Mots-clés principaux
Personne atteinte
Comportement perturbateur
Trouble du comportement
Maladie d'Alzheimer
Soins spécialisés
Approche centrée sur la personne

Mots-clés secondaires : Agressivité ; Errance ; Facteur de risque ; Patient récalcitrant ; Prévention ; Trouble du sommeil ; Trouble du comportement alimentaire ; Trouble psychosexuel

Résumé :

This practical book provides simple and imaginative ways to prevent and reduce stress-related behaviours in people with dementia in residential care.
The author's approach is based on maximizing personal expression and fulfilment and recovering access to familiar, enjoyable and meaningful activities. He suggests strategies for managing common problems with feeding, bathing, toileting and sleep, looks at how to understand and cope with wandering, agitation and inappropriate sexual activity, and discusses ways of defusing aggressive behaviour. He also explains how to enhance care home environments and staff communication skills, and suggests a variety of helpful activities and therapies.
Written in a clear, accessible style, this book will be an invaluable resource for residential care workers and the families and carers of people with dementia.
1 Stress factors 11
Results of stress 14
2 Preventing/minimizing stress 15
Find out as much as you can about the person 15
Apply appropriate practices to minimize stress 22
3 Addressing stress-related responses 41
Hostile verbal and physical responses 41
Verbally agitated behaviours 51
Wandering 55
Intrusiveness, rummaging or picking behaviour 60
4 Managing feeding problems 63
5 Managing inappropriate sexual activity 69
6 Managing sleep disturbance 79
Factors affecting sleep in elderly people with dementia 73
Interventions to improve sleep 74
7 Importance of teamwork, training and support 77

Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 22473 ISBN / ISSN : 9781843103493
NumRec : 2247303


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