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Health indicators 2003 / Canadian institute for health information.
Ottawa : CIHI;Statistics Canada, 2003, 24 p. (25/06/2004)
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Health status
Quality of health care and services
Health status indicators
Health determinants
Public health expenditures
Health professionals
Health care systems

Résumé :

" Health Indicators 2003 " includes the most recent available information about the health care system, health status and the determinants of health for Canada's largest regions covering approximately 95% of the population, as well as for provinces and territories. This publication accompanies " Health Care in Canada 2003 ", a fourth annual report developed by CIHI with the assistance of Statistics Canada. In this edition, key indicators describing health system performance and characteristics are provided for all health regions over 75,000 population. In addition, a selection of measures of health status and the non-medical determinants of health are presented and represent a sampling of the range of indicators that are now available.

Language : Anglais
Book type : STATS
Doc n° : 17360 ISBN / ISSN : 1-55392-193-3
NumRec : 1736003
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