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H 1 European Commission report on the impact of demographic change
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Auteurs : European Commission
Publication : Brussels : European Commission, 2020, 30 p.

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Vieillissement démographique

Résumé :
"The demographic trends we are now witnessing have important repercussions for the future of our welfare and health systems, budgets, housing and infrastructure needs. The Coronavirus reminded us how fragile all this can be. We have seen our elderly suffer in high numbers. Not only are they at greater risk of complications if they catch the disease, but they are also among those most affected by the lockdown and social distancing measures taken to stem the pandemic. The cost of isolation and loneliness has affected many – from those struggling to provide for their children without any support structure, to those cut off from their loved ones in another city, region or country. On 17 June, the European Commission published its first ever Report on the Impact of Demographic Change. While shedding light on the trends it does not propose to reverse them, but rather to inform and inspire our thinking to equip us with the right tools to provide innovative solutions and to support people as they experience change." (European Commission)

Illustrations : ill. ; graph.
Langue : Anglais
Doc n° : 36891
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